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Allround Service Munich: Your agency for superior quality and professional services when it comes to the medium of language: interpretation · translation · transcription. We focus on customised, personal and expert consulting services to our customers, as well as precise and seamless implementation of all specifications. We speak the language that builds bridges for you!



We are the right contact for target group-specific interpretation and translation services to and from all global languages. We use the latest technologies and deliver efficient project management – this way we can guarantee you top quality and on-schedule delivery, always. We view each assignment as an individual project, and concentrate on the task at hand within the context of the client's business culture. We work jointly with you to build a custom-made concept perfectly suited to your needs.


Effective corporate communications ensure your company has the competitive edge. They are an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes: corporations with global operations, medium-sized companies, small firms and even independent contractors.

As globalization evolves, more and more businesses realize the importance of language. Increasingly, they put a premium on proper communication services - both internally (within the company) and externally (in the market). As an interpretation and translation agency, it is our role to provide a sound linguistic foundation for your company’s main showcase: its communications platform.


What sets Allround Service ahead of its competitors is our ability to combine our passion for languages with our intercultural acumen and remarkable flexibility. Indeed, we are proud to say that our first language has always been international communications – and equally proud that our clients can benefit from this skill.

Our more than thirty years of successful company history and our long-standing collaboration with countless DAX-listed and medium-sized clients, as well as public institutions, demonstrate our continued excellence in global communications.

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“To be successful requires two things: Clear goals, and the burning desire to achieve them.”

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)